[thelist] feedback: internationalisation blog

Peter Van Dijck peter at vardus.com
Wed Feb 14 08:43:03 CST 2001

weblog on internationalization:
Links about localisation, internationalisation, globalisation and 
target audience: from a usability / cultural / information architecture 

the beta is here,
it should go live in a day or two if no glitches are found.

Any feedback on content / design / anything ... is welcome. (I used a well 
known template because I'm too busy to program and design this one from 
Thanks! Feel free to be harsh, I know it's not perfect by any stretch of 
the imagination.

Internationalisation: the first thing to get your head around when dealing 
with international sites that have local versions, is character sets and 
languages. They are seperate. One doesn't depend on the other. That should 
clear up quite a bit of confusion.

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