[thelist] Doh! question for MySQL

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Feb 14 09:36:18 CST 2001

> Good tip, but you need to *always* lock application scoped variables

i'm pretty much still a cf newbie, but regarding this whole strategy of
saving a "longterm" query (e.g. walker's example of retrieving state codes)
in an application variable, could somebody more knowledgeable please
explain what the difference is between this and query results caching

when i saw ben forta explain query results caching over a year ago at a
local cfug meeting
(http://evolt.org/article/BenFortaOptimizingCF4/18/481/evolt.org) this same
state codes example was used

seems to me that if the server has functionality intended for this purpose
(holding longterm info so it does not need to be queried again) then why
would we want to roll our own, so to speak?


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