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Volker Buzek volker at metalodge.de
Wed Feb 14 10:06:03 CST 2001

Hi all,

I've been lurking on the list for a while now (busy at work - but nothing 
new in this song, I guess). And because I signed up for a member-account 
without contributing something to the list so far, I feel like I owe couple 
of tips:

put brackets <> around a long URL, so the wrapping doesn't make it invalid

<tip: security user end>
You're on Windows?
Test your shields and/or probe your ports
(your browser needs to be able to establish secure connection)
(follow the Shields-UP! - link)
A bit paranoid, but -hey- it's Steve Gibson. And useful reading about 
ports, protocols, client-server etc.

<tip: LAN(Novell) - OS(Win2k) - switch(3com)>
Large networks are often diverse due to hardware/phsical differences: e.g. 
different switches, different cabling, and/or different PCs with different 
network-cards, hence different framerates the client connects with. For 
Win2k-workstations there's the "Auto-Detect"-option for the framerate that 
checks whether the client connects via Fast Ehternet or Ethernet I or 
Ethernet II etc.
Having a Novell(-Netware 5.1)-Network with Win2k(-Novell)-clients, this 
"Auto-Detect"-setting will cause awkward connection problems if the 
_switch_ (3com 1100) the client is plugged in isn't configured to 
autonagotiate transfer (e.g. the factory-default 100/10 Mbit is set to 
100Mbit only) - even if the client has a full-duplex network-card. Sounds 
obvious, but if you start troubleshooting on the client-side, it takes some 
time until you "arrive" at the switch as the troublemaker.
I can't validate that for a Win2k-server - Win2k-client setup though.
Of course newer switches all autodetect outbound- and inbound-transfer and 
"respond" accordingly. But on larger and diverse networks there usually is 
also diverse and older hardware.
So keeping in mind that the switch can be the error-source saved me tons of 

<tip: websites>
I've seen some JS stuff asked here on evolt
<http://javascript.internet.com/> can probably be a starting point

Though this contest took place in 1998 already, the site is a pool of 
FUSE98-an experiment in DHTML
(fast connection not necessary, but certainly useful)

site review forum - categorized in commercial/non-commercial
run by NoEnder Glenn Davis

early UI prototyping outlined:

ever wondered where and how it all began?
on a napkin:

- Volker

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