[thelist] YAY! my first javascript application works!

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Wed Feb 14 14:04:30 CST 2001

Since this list has been so instrumental in my pursuit of JavaScript, I
thought I'd take a moment to thank all of you for your tireless support and
help...and to share my major programmers bliss with you...


amounts to my first functional and actually useful JavaScript application
(Aardvark, JS is required to view this :). The 'Travel' section of the site
has various vacation properties displayed in their respective neighborhoods.
As the user views the different properties, they may add them to their 'list
of properties I want to inquire about' by checking the box associated with
the property.

State is maintained by storing the values for the checked boxes in hidden
input fields in the barely visible frame at the top (NOT the bottom) of the
window. I chose to do it this way to avoid using cookies.

When the user proceeds to the form, the properties they checked are written
into the page (with a link to that property) as well as into a hidden input
on the form that sends the value to CGIemail.

This solves a MAJOR problem (people sending the inquiry form with no record
of which properties they were checking out) and should make my wife's
business run more efficiently (she runs the company responsible for handling
the vacations).

Still to do:
1) write a function that retrieves the value of the hidden inputs and
displays the associated checkbox as 'checked'

2) replace the laborious paragraph/links to form with something more

3) form validation for the required fields

4) figure out how to handle non-JS browsers

Thanks everybody! I had so much fun doing this!
John Corry

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