[thelist] SSI -- is it so wrong....?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed Feb 14 14:16:33 CST 2001

Hi Amanda,


Suppose you had a site with six divisions - each with their own 'bottom of
the page disclaimer' on pages in their sections [includes, right?] .... and
suddenly the guys at "corporate" want their own disclaimer line - on every
page in every division ....

The easy answer would be ... An include within each of your six [divisional]

Anything that saves you work ... must be good!  {Or is that just a retread
of the Sixties "If it feels good ....."}     ;-)


Ron L.

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From: A. Erickson [mailto:amanda at gawow.com]

Is it just wrong to put a server side includes within another include? It
seems to work but... is it wrong?

- amanda

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