[thelist] SSI Help

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Feb 14 14:40:49 CST 2001

You can use any kind of path you want with SSI. However, a relative from
root path usually works best as it can then insert itself into any file on
that URL and work just fine.

relative from root paths looks like this: "/path/foo.html" as you have

If you're having trouble getting your ssi to work then maybe it is the way
you are calling the ssi?

Make sure that the document which references the include has that reference
written properly like this, with no space:

<!--#include virtual="foo.ssi"--> or
<!--#include virtual="/foo.ssi"--> if it's at the root or
<!--#include virtual="/dude/foo.ssi"--> if it's in the 'dude' directory.

Does that help? If not... a sample URL for us to look at would probably be

- amanda

> I understand that with SSI using file="" you can't use
> ../ or absolute paths. What is the way around this? I
> even tried /path/include.file on the server, but it
> doesn't work. Is the virtual attribute for the
> absolute URL of the file? I tried that as well and it
> doesn't work.
> The files in the root directory work fine, but the sub
> directories don't because it requires using ../ to get
> to the file. Anyone know what I can do to make the sub
> directories work? I'm using Netscape Enterprise Server
> 4 SP 2 running on Solaris.

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