[thelist] 404 error

Andrew Martin comitque at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 14 15:08:18 CST 2001

Could this possibly be that Netscape is looking for a stylesheet that
doesn't exist?  I've had some odd problems where if a .css file isn't found
in the directory it's supposed to be in, Netscape will just keep requesting
the file until you stop the program.

> The following 404 error was logged 37 times (according to the WebTrends
> report). I've asked the hosting service's tech support for a clue, but
> not received any response. There is no pdf/styles directory on the site,
> only a pdf directory with no subdirectories, and the styles directory is
> right off the root. The pdf directory contains only pdf files and a
> The host is using Apache/Unix system if that info is of any help.

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