[thelist] YAY! my first javascript application works!

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 14 17:52:29 CST 2001

> From: "John Corry" <webshot at neoncowboy.com>
> http://www.simmerhawaii.com/travel
> amounts to my first functional and actually useful JavaScript
> application (Aardvark, JS is required to view this :). The 'Travel'

methinks me has a reputation...

all my general crankiness about JS and Flash and accessibility 
aside, it looks pretty keen... i like the nav rollovers, although i wish 
the status bar told me where i was going... the frames confused 
me since the URL wasn't changing, either... and the lack of a page 
title ("Untitled Document")...

pretty keen, though... even though i keep looking for a submit 
button after every checkbox... you might wanna throw some 
validation on the form, too, since it let me submit a blank one...

and no, that was not my IP that spent half an hour in the womens' 
swimwear section... although i liked the name and description of 
the last two on that page...

congrats, man...

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