[thelist] multipart/form-data and IE5 for Macintosh?

Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 14 21:42:45 CST 2001


I ran across this problem myself and I can't promise a fix. I forgot where 
I found the following (might have been the Allaire forums), and it claims 
IE5 for Mac is the cure, but it sounds like, in your case, it might not be. 
I haven't had a chance to test with IE5 myself, but will try to soon and 
let you know what happens. Please let me know if you resolve it yourself. 
Hope this is useful somehow!


 > Here's the blurb I found on the Mac IE upload issue:
 > Mac Internet Explorer and Uploading Pictures
 > If you're using Internet Explorer v4.5 or earlier for Macintosh, and you
 > try to upload a picture or other file, you're probably having problems.
 > This is because your browser isn't sending the file the same way other
 > browsers do. If you want to know the technical reason, it's because IE is
 > sending the file as Macbinary rather than as a GIF or JPEG.
 > But all is not lost. You have two options:
 > Simple option: use Netscape for Macintosh, or upgrade to Internet Explorer
 > v5 (freely available at Microsoft.com), or use Netscape or Internet
 > Explorer for Windows. Those browers work fine.
 > Edit your preferences in IE so it does the right thing. Instructions are
 > below. How to edit your preferences
 > In your browser, in the Edit menu, choose Preferences...
 > In the left side of the Preferences window, you should see an item called
 > File Helpers. It's under the Receiving Files category.
 > Select File Helpers.
 > In the right side of the window, scroll down to where it says "GIF
 > Picture" and select that line.
 > Click the Change... button.
 > A new window will open. About half-way down the window is a checkbox with
 > the label Use for outgoing. It's probably checked. Un-check it. Click OK.
 > Now find the entries for JPEG Picture and do the same thing: click
 > Change..., uncheck Use for outgoing, and click OK for each one.
 > Resource forks
 > Even though you've made this change, your browser will still do the wrong
 > thing when a picture file contains a resource fork. If your file has a
 > custom icon (a preview of the picture, perhaps), then it has a resource
 > fork. Lots of times your picture file will have a resource fork, and you
 > can't necessarily tell by looking.
 > Before uploading your file, make a copy, then get rid of the resource fork
 > of the copy. If you're using Mac OS 8 or greater, there's a simple
 > contextual menu plugin you can use to make this easy. To use it, just
 > select the file in the Finder, then option-click, then choose the Zap Rez
 > Fork command.
 > Then upload the copy that you just zapped. IE will do the right thing, and
 > upload it as a GIF or JPEG.

At 03:27 PM 2/14/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Jason Morehead wrote:
> > >Possibly an issue everyone knows about? we have a form which works
> > >everywhere (Netscape 4, IE5, etc) but in Mac IE5 busts for some reason.
> > >
> > >Is this a known issue with problems in <form enctype> values?
> >
> > i haven't noticed any problems with IE5 handles multipart/form-data.
> > what does your form look like?
><form method="post" action="act_processasset.cfm"
>...(some inputs, textareas, select/options)...
><INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="newFileName"

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