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Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Thu Feb 15 12:24:18 CST 2001

isaac wrote:
> > My own additional tuppenyworth would suggest that
> > the forms are bad enough - but if you start putting
> > near-Fascist JS traps all over it [You VILL FILL OUT
> > ZIS FORM CORRECTLY] then I'm outta there faster than
> > you can say 'Barrier to entry'.
> I can speak from experience and warn everyone that untested and thoughtless
> JS validation can be very annoying.
> Last night I was ordering some new hardware online, and the purchase form
> insisted that phone numbers and credit card numbers had to be entirely
> numeric. Fair enough, but it disallowed spaces...
> I'm used to typing my CC# xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (as it makes it easier to
> double-check later), and my phone numbers as (xx) xxxx xxxx, and xxxx xxx
> xxx. Each time, after I'd look up to the screen, there'd be an alert saying
> "Numbers only please." - and only the first 3-4 digits had made it into the
> input field. For every number I had to enter, the alert hit me, and I had to
> re-enter.

I forget when - but I remember in the early days of the web actually
*turning off* javascript to get through a form process with overzealous
JS validation.

Yet another reason not to rely on JS for *all* your validation.

	- Joe
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