[thelist] Win2K Server vs. Win2K Advanced Server

Jeff Lucido jlucido at j2-digital.com
Thu Feb 15 13:17:18 CST 2001


Doh! I did it again. I read another piece of very helpful information on
this list a little while back and forgot to save it but now, of course,
I need the information.

What I am referring to is someone made a post saying there was a
specific difference between Server and Advanced Server in regard to the
number of concurrent sessions and/or threads each will allow through
IIS. Am I triggering any bells here? If there truly is a limitation with
Server, then I was hoping the person who made the post could point me
towards some documentation for proof of the claim inside my company. I
have scoured MS TechNet and I cannot seem to find anything to back up
this claim.

Thanks again for the advanced help!

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