[thelist] multipart/form-data and IE5 for Macintosh?

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Thu Feb 15 13:28:48 CST 2001

Jeff Howden wrote:
> : Possibly an issue everyone knows about? we
> : have a form which works everywhere (Netscape
> : 4, IE5, etc) but in Mac IE5 busts for some
> : reason.
> : Is this a known issue with problems in <form
> : enctype> values?
> does this help?
> http://lookclose.com/learnmore/faqs/macieuploads.htm
> good luck,

Yes, most definitely on point. The programmer I'm working with on this
is out for the day, but I think she and I will be checking on this
tomorrow. *Great* find.

And Chris Spruck wrote:
> I ran across this problem myself and I can't promise a fix. I forgot where
> I found the following (might have been the Allaire forums), and it claims
> IE5 for Mac is the cure, but it sounds like, in your case, it might not be.
> I haven't had a chance to test with IE5 myself, but will try to soon and
> let you know what happens. Please let me know if you resolve it yourself.
> Hope this is useful somehow!

Yeah, it's IE5 with the problem.

The bizarre thing is that forms encoded with multipart/form-data aren't
working at all. Most browsers I guess just ignore it - but for vanilla
forms (you know, input type=text, checkboxes, selects, textareas, etc,
in IE5 with that encoding they break. supa-dupa funky.

And Chris - any commiseration at *all* is useful. We were beginning to
think we were hallucinating and that it must be on our programming side,
and isolating it to possible problems in IE Mac is helpful. We are also
not ruling out problems with our own code code.

Thanks **so much** for the assists.

	- Joe
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