commenting code (was Re: [thelist] Tip)

aardvark roselli at
Thu Feb 15 15:53:33 CST 2001

> From: "Raymond Camden" <rcamden at>
> Actually, I don't believe any amount of comments is going to slow down CF
> any. Of course, if you put in 10k of comments that may be different, but
> even _very_ verbose comments should have little to no impact on how fast CF
> parses the template. As it stands, after it parses it once, it doesn't need
> to create the pcode again.

i would challenge that assertion... being tag-based, CF has to grep 
and parse every tag when it renders the page... once it's in 
memory, big deal, just like ASP or others... but that first pass, 
especially with non-cacheable pages, i would bet my left nut that 
every comment adds time to the page parsing...

now, whether that lag is even noticeable is a whole different story...

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