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1.  If the presence of a comments is enough to noticeably affect page
renders times on someone's computer, and you care about that someone, you
shouldn't be having tables on the page either.

2.  Comment how you please.  They're comments.  If someone else is going to
look at your source and be offended... they have looked your source and been
offended.  If you don't care, it doesn't matter, and if it was a business
site I hope you had the sense not to do it in the first place.

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> > PS Maybe you don't want to do this on a corporate site, but I
> > personally like the way sites like are
> > commented, with curses at Netscape and so forth.
> I would suggest not commenting like that at all. An example,
> "<!-- Thus endeth the branding. Begin content. The following table
> the rest of the page. May our readers do likewise. -->"
> *puke*
> Couple things:
> 1) verbosity == file size == page load. Comments are good, but c'mon
> make them to the point, as they affect how quickly the browser can render
> the page. This includes server side comments as well (ASP, CF). The
> client/server parsing engine has to parse comments and code alike. Don't
> nuts with verbosity
> 2) How much self-love (putting it nicely) can we take?! Who gives a rat's
> ass what they would like the reader to do?
> As far as I'm concerned, the above example should be
> <!--     BEGIN CONTENT     -->
> and f*ing end it at that.
> sheesh.
> sgd
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