[thelist] the cold fusion registry

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Feb 15 16:38:34 CST 2001

so, this one goes out to any insiders at allaire or any ultra-guru type 

the fun of manually adding 100's of datasources to CF has worn off, and 
i'm looking to automate the process.

now, i can write a script that will take the users name, database, and 
pretty much everything else they need to connect to the DB and append it 
to the cf.registry file. my questions are:

Is just blind appending a good idea to do to cf.registry?
In this sample datasource, what is the unique number on the end? How is 
it generated? *Is* it unique?

The password that gets stored in cf.regsitry is hashed. What kind of 
hash is it? Is it a hash? Basically, what method does Allaire use to 
write that password? Has anyone reveres engineered it?

Would it be easier to use the <cfregistry> tag to do this? Can 
<cfregistry> add pre-defined keys, or only 'new' keys not defined by 

I appreciate any answers!


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