commenting code (was Re: [thelist] Tip)

Scott Dexter sgd at
Thu Feb 15 16:47:33 CST 2001

I been busted.

surly, I guess.

I was cutsie with comments and the like at one time. Then I got tired of the
extra typing....


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> From: Erika Meyer [mailto:meyer at]

> Yeah, being cutsie in comments can backfire when your readers 
> are Evoltians 
> with surly attitudes.
>   But when slogging thru or peeking at code, I'd personally 
> rather see a 
> thoughtful, even cutsie comment, with a blessing, a curse, whatever, 
> something that shows some interest, some love... over 
> something screamingly 
> mundane and vague as:

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