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Aaron Johnson evolt at cephas.net
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Hey Daniel,

There is a custom tag on the developers gallery @ allaire that does a scan
of whereever on your boxes for Access db's and then automatically adds them
as DSN's.  While this probably isn't the exact thing you're looking for, the
code is unencrypted and freely available so you can modify it to fit your

Check out the tag here:



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so, this one goes out to any insiders at allaire or any ultra-guru type

the fun of manually adding 100's of datasources to CF has worn off, and
i'm looking to automate the process.

now, i can write a script that will take the users name, database, and
pretty much everything else they need to connect to the DB and append it
to the cf.registry file. my questions are:

Is just blind appending a good idea to do to cf.registry?
In this sample datasource, what is the unique number on the end? How is
it generated? *Is* it unique?

The password that gets stored in cf.regsitry is hashed. What kind of
hash is it? Is it a hash? Basically, what method does Allaire use to
write that password? Has anyone reveres engineered it?

Would it be easier to use the <cfregistry> tag to do this? Can
<cfregistry> add pre-defined keys, or only 'new' keys not defined by

I appreciate any answers!


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