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Madhu Menon madhum at
Fri Feb 16 00:00:49 CST 2001

> "<!-- Thus endeth the branding. Begin content. The following table
> the rest of the page. May our readers do likewise. -->"
> *puke*
> Couple things:
> 1) verbosity == file size == page load. Comments are good, but c'mon
> make them to the point, as they affect how quickly the browser can render
> the page. This includes server side comments as well (ASP, CF). The
> client/server parsing engine has to parse comments and code alike. Don't
> nuts with verbosity

Spoken like a true programmer, Scott :)
I empathise with you completely.

Seriously though, if your site is going to be maintained by more than one
person, and someone else has to read your code and figure out what's
happening, purple prose won't help at all. It's better to be straightforward
in your commenting.

I disagree with the person who said that the beginning of another comment
signifies the end of the first one. How about something nested like this:


	[Insert HTML here]

	<!-- BEGIN 120*60 button ad -->

		[Insert code for ad here]

	<!-- END 120*60 button ad -->

	[More HTML for content block]


In this, the comment for the ad banner doesn't mean the content block has

When I was at CNET, they followed an interesting style. It's "pseudo HTML"
comments. For example:

<!-- breadcrumb -->

	[Breadcrumb code went here]

<!-- /breadcrumb -->

This would show you the beginning and end of comments without too much
verbosity. If you look at some of the pages, you'll see this.

Chris Houston wrote:

> Or even:
> (Or your nearest scripting equivalent)

Um, I don't think you want to do this. Stopping and starting the ASP
interpreter just for the sake of comments will slow your page down. In fact,
one of the ASP performance tips is to keep all your code in ONE ASP block.
And not to do things like:

	<td>Name of subscriber: <%=RsDetails("Subscriber")%></td>

Instead, do: 

	Response.Write "<td>Name of subscriber: " & RsDetails("Subscriber")
& "</td>"

Besides, Why would you want a comment for HTML readability into your
server-side script? The final HTML won't show it anyway, and your goal
hasn't been achieved.

<tip type="ASP" author="Madhu Menon">

This is an often repeated tip, but use the GetRows method of the RecordSet
object. Transfers your recordset to an array. Arrays are faster and it
allows you to close the connection sooner, which is a Good Thing (tm).




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