Standards Jihad (was [thelist] Tip o'the day (x2))

rudy r937 at
Fri Feb 16 07:19:05 CST 2001

> no longer functions properly
> on browsers which don't adequately comply with newer
> standards.

hi john

yea, that'll get a response alright

in nn6 it looks the same as it always did

in ie4 ("non-compliant" by their rules) i get a blue iframe at the top with
nothing in it, the sickly green sidebar is gone and the sidebar contents
come at the bottom, which lets the main copy expand to the full width of
the window, the links are blue and underlined, and the text is normal size
(woohoo!!) instead of that pissy puny pixel puke

i can live with it

many of us here at evolt have known something momentous was supposed to be
coming and were waiting to see whether they would be making any move
towards strengthening the alistapart sense of community the way we seem to
have a good community here at evolt

my overall first impression of the *effects* of their overhaul is "bfd"
(that's a technical term meaning "big deal")

however, i do agree with the direction they're going, towards standards

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