[thelist] Tip o'the day (x2)

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Feb 16 08:00:50 CST 2001

so, now that the ala/wsp crew decide its time for people to upgrade 
there browsers, its 'all or nothing'?

i mean, thats great about standards and all, but why shut people out of 
your sites completely if they don't have a 'standards compliant' 
browser? what about accesability? what about those who can't - for one 
reason or another - upgrade their browser?

their site doesn't even work in lynx.



John Handelaar wrote:

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>>> http://www.alistapart.com no longer functions properly
>>> on browsers which don't adequately comply with newer
>>> standards.  Offers a link to the WSP "Upgrade Campaign".
>>> Heh.  I'll bet that second one will get a response >:-)
>> well, yeah... it's good to see ALA coming over to the dark side...
>> hell, it's only been 3 months (to the day) since evolt.org did the 
>> very same thing...
> Yeeee-ssssss.... but ALA doesn't fly in NN4 at all.
> No DOM support, no dice.

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