[thelist] Re: getRows() (was: commenting code)

Madhu Menon madhum at trisoft.net
Fri Feb 16 08:15:05 CST 2001

Matt wrote:
> This is only faster when you have a large number of rows returned. If I
> correctly, it was something like 250 rows.

I do believe you're mistaken there, Matt.



"Does it matter for small amounts of data?


My site has SQLserver scripts that run like lightning. I once needed to fill
a 9 item listbox from Access and got 90 sec script timeouts with movenext.
Getstring never timed out. So in a real production situation it makes weak
databases feasible and of course reduces the load on more industrial
back-ends so maybe the SQLserver doesn't need as many indexes or RAM


Looping through an array is faster than looping through a recordset. If
nothing else, it allows you to close the connection faster, which makes it
easier on server resources. 

Norman wrote:
> Just a quick amendment to Madhu's comment about seperating ASP and HTML
> seperate blocks and using response.writes.  My understanding is that
> mutliple calls to the response object slows things down as well.  It's
> to build the entire page as a string, and then response.write it all with
> just the one call.  Would I be correct in assuming this?

Yes Norman, you're right.

The trade-off is in readability. If I'm trying to debug a script, I find it
useful to step through each Response.Write statement to see where I'm making
a mistake. Your mileage may vary. 

Basically, my options boil down to these:

1) [Lots of HTML here]
<td>Field Name: <%=RsDetails("FieldName")%> </td>

Very readable, but slower.

2) [Lots of Response.Write statements here]
Response.Write "<td>Field Name: " & RsDetails("FieldName") & "</td>"

Sorta middle ground. I can still make out lines clearly. Not as readable as
no. 1 but mildly faster.

3) strHTML = "[Lots of continuous concatenations of HTML here]" & "<td>Field
Name: " & RsDetails("FieldName") & "</td>"
Response.Write strHTML

Not very readable (IMHO), but fast. Again, your mileage may vary. This is
just my comfort level. Don't flame me ;)

sgd had given a tip a long time ago on thelist about replacing your
Response.Write statements with a call to a function called R (or p) that
takes a string as a parameter and just does a Response.Write of it. Good
tip, IMO. Makes code a good bit more readable. If you're an old Basic fan,
call the function Print ;)



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