[thelist] Tip o'the day (x2)

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Fri Feb 16 08:47:35 CST 2001

I'm just gonna take up one of the points John raised here;

> I just figured it was an interesting take.  If
> MS can dump all support for Win95, and Apple can
> tell the 68k users to get lost, at what point
> do we decide to pull the plug on IE4 and NN4?
This has an extremely simple answer - at the point you decide that those
users aren't valuable to you! Quite simply it's a judgement call about who
your user base is and how important it is for YOU to support legacy
browsers. In the company where I work, we know that many of our users are 50
year old women who only upgrade their browser when their company's IT
department decide it's time to upgrade. I *know* I have users who are
running NN 4. How important are they to me? Well, they are from our most
important client company, so I would say pretty damn important!

To be curmudgeonly, I dunno why people get so worked up over this question.
The same thing has been happening since web browsers started being upgraded.
The problem ain't gonna go away and it doesn't matter a flying fruitbat what
anyone else does on *their* site - you almost certainly don't share the same
userbase as them so your problem is your own.

Of course I know John is simply raising a rhetorical point here, but I've
come across people who think that their way of solving the problem is right
for everyone and should be followed religiously by all. Grrr! I'm all
flustered now!



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