[thelist] Tip o'the day (x2)

Jake Stetser jake.stetser at headhunter.net
Fri Feb 16 09:21:50 CST 2001

I have IE4, 4.5 and 5 installed on my machine. Just click on the one I want
to run and it does. Course I also have Netscape 3 through 6 installed as

I've never had a problem running multiple versions. I tend to browse in
newer browsers but develop in something older.

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From: Liz Lawson [mailto:lizlawson at charitycards.co.uk]

I browse with IE4 *because* I'm a developer.

We need to be able to test in IE4, and the other PCs came with IE5
preinstalled. So no upgrades for me, and apparently no ALA either.

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