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> Hi Folks,
> One of the URL's in question is http://sunsetapartments.com.  It shouldn't
> be showing the register.com page, but instead my own fancy Under
> Construction page. <G>

Works for me!

But, as the saying goes, your mileage may vary, and some
ISPs are very bad at updating cached DNS records in a
timely manner.  I should also recommend that you flush
your own browser caches in case that's the problem.

<tip type="Forcing your ISP's DNS servers to do something">

I've often found that using the command-line nslookup
tool in console mode (on NT, just type 'nslookup' on
its own) and then typing 'ls -d domain.com' can force
a DNS refresh.  Your local ISP server has to go look
for *all* that domain's records to fulfil your query
and chances are it doesn't have *all* of them cached.


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