[thelist] Fireworks 4 - dhtml menus - cache

Cauley, Megan L megan.l.cauley at lmco.com
Fri Feb 16 10:00:36 CST 2001


we are using these menus on a coldfusion site.
we have the header separated out as a cf include.

okay, here is the deal we've noticed with any page (cf or html)

they dump huge amounts of files into your cache every time you go to a page,
even if you have been on that page before.

is there anyway to work around this?
code to stop this from loading every time in your cache.
make it load once and only once???

my co-worker noticed this because she was working on the site from home,
and her hard drive filled to capacity.

help me :-0

thank you for any ideas.


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