commenting code (was Re: [thelist] Tip)

Erika Meyer meyer at
Fri Feb 16 12:01:50 CST 2001

>When I was at CNET, they followed an interesting style. It's "pseudo HTML"
>comments. For example:
><!-- breadcrumb -->
>	[Breadcrumb code went here]
><!-- /breadcrumb -->
>This would show you the beginning and end of comments without too much
>verbosity. If you look at some of the pages, you'll see this.

they needed to save the coders fingers & the bandwidth for all those 
<font> tags.

<tip type="tiled background" author="erika">

1. open a 20x20 square in photoshop.
2. make 2 layers.
3. make each layer a different color with ye olde paint bucket.
4. filter: other: offset: 10px.
5. flatten.
7. make another file, 100x100px.
8. in 20x20 file, select: all: edit: define pattern.
9. in 100x100 file, select: all: edit: fill (with pattern).
10. you can use this (squares), or try another filter. try the ones 
under "distort"

ooh.  psychedelic.


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