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Fri Feb 16 16:14:17 CST 2001

David -
Sorry 'twas late late late at night when I sent my original email and I
didn't give the proper URL for my site )<:

The problem is not scrolling, it's that the screen flickers and displays a
strange pattern and color on the Solutions page where the applet is. On the
About Sharon page, the applet doesn't even run but rather shows the box with
all the instructions!

Thanks for your advice on the Data Blocks page but what about the flickering
screen? Is this inescapable with Netscape 6? Don't know if this is fixable?
Anyone have any ideas? Yeah, get rid of the applet(s)!
Thanks, Sharon
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> Sharon,
> I'm sorry I haven't the whole thread at hand (its on my other computer),
> so I don't remember what the problem was (probably the scrolling
> thingie...)
> Well, anyway, here's what I've found:
> http://www.datablocks.com
>     NS 6: The applet shows up but doesn't work (White block, no text is
>     Mozilla (build 18): The Applat doesn't show up at all
> http://24caratdesign.com/services.html
>     All Browsers: 404
> http://www.24caratdesign.com/aboutsharon.html
>     All Browsers: 404
> (as a workaround - if your client could live with some (NS6-)customers
> not seeing ads, I'd inverse the colors: Blue BG, white text...)
> hth
> david
> david braun <david.braun at centralnet.ch> schrieb am 16.02.2001:

Sharon F. Malone
"web page design and Internet writing services"

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