[thelist] RealPlayer/Flash/Java/WiMP/QT Market Penetration

Ben Dyer ben at imaginuity.com
Fri Feb 16 17:05:02 CST 2001

Quick question.  I did some cursory searching on some sites and is there any
recent, independent data concerning market penetration (e.g., % of users who
have some version of) for:

  - RealPlayer
  - Flash
  - Java
  - WiMP
  - QT
  - Etc.

I know that it's about impossible to get a really accurate number, but I'm
just looking for something to present to a client.  I've already checked the
usual suspects (Cyberatlas, Websnapshot, Forrester Freebies, etc.).
Anything I'm missing?

And, as penance, a quick tip:

<tip type="RealProducer Basic">
Going in circles looking for RealProducer Basic?  Start at Real's Devzone:
<http://www.real.com/devzone>, head to Products, click on Create It and look
at the bottom.  There it is!  A few more things to click through, but at
least you can get to it.  RealProducer Basic is just about impossible to
find from Real's Home Page (thanks to their overzealous promotion of their
pay products), but it's (slightly) more obvious through the Devzone.

Ben Dyer
Senior Internet Developer
Imaginuity Interactive

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