[thelist] How do they do this magic

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Feb 16 17:26:02 CST 2001

Mabou Mines wrote:
> I am fairly new to web development, and I am just
> amazed by this "trick" does anyone know how it is
> done?
> http://www.timwike.dircon.co.uk/card.html

A net classic!

You might want to look more carefully at the cards. :-)

	- Joe

<tip type="php makes rtf files">
Really, this is just a repurposing of a Cold Fusion Article from irt.org

All it takes is a php Header("Content-type: application/rtf") function
added to the rtf file, some php code in the rtf, and an .htaccess file
to parse rtf files with php.

Simple as pie to do, and could come in handy for that client who simply
*must* have output in Word formatted document formats.
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