[thelist] RealPlayer/Flash/Java/WiMP/QT Market Penetration

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Fri Feb 16 19:56:17 CST 2001

At 3:04 PM 2/16/1, Ben Dyer wrote:
>Quick question.  I did some cursory searching on some sites and is there any
>recent, independent data concerning market penetration (e.g., % of users who
>have some version of) for:
>  - RealPlayer
>  - Flash
>  - Java
>  - WiMP
>  - QT
>  - Etc.

Four times a year Media Metrix asks valid consumer samples: "Can you see
pageA, right now, without downloading anything new? how about pageB?

This measures direct viewability among consumer audiences, and so bypasses
the problems of relying solely upon distribution numbers.

Links to Dec 2000 audits:

(Particularly, see "Technology Breakdown", "Version Penetration", "NPD
Methodology" and "Survey Example".)


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