[thelist] NAME not valid for IMG tag in 4.01 transitional? What now?

AtdtXav atdtxav at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 04:13:03 CST 2001

I use a name attribute (name="screen") in
http://www.vedbok.com/films/pizza , for instance, as an
identifier for a javascript onClick to switch images on a page. 
Works wonderfully, but it's the ONLY thing not validating with
the WDG validator, using the 4.01 trans DTD.

How do I get around this?  Is there something else I should use
instead of name?  And would I have to change anything to reflect

atdt1991 at hotmail.com

PS I'm kind of at a loss as to how to proceed to make the site
(www.vedbok.com) not cause NS 4.01 to have a snit-fit and nearly
crash.  As one might expect, it works ideally in IE, it's
completely valid code, and yet netscape.... *screams in

If anyone is interested in giving me some starting points on
that little problem, I'd be quite grateful.  I'll write an
article about it, or clean floors with a toothbrush, or
something. ;)

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