[thelist] IE equivalent in netscape

Don Parker sodakotahusker at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 17 09:54:03 CST 2001

I just created a web site for my new business.  I was carried away with
creating some nice whistles and bells in IE.  Then I remembered I better
test it with Netscape and found that several of the things I had included
(and that I really want to keep) did not work with that browser:

is there a Netscape 4 equivalent for


IE eg:

document.all.thetext.style.fontSize = fontpitch;


document.all.explain.innerHTML = passtext;

I have one page that "reads" the text for the user - by highlighting a word
and then moving to the next word - etc. to the end.  code in IE with each
word given a span id of w1, w2 etc.  Netscape says that w1 is undefined.
Apparently the o.style...  statement is not supported by netscape??
Anything else I could use here??

   wordcount = wordcount + 1;
    var o = eval("w" + wordcount);

   Don Parker
   Puyallup Washington

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