[thelist] ALT pop-up

Dana Adams dana at cki.com
Sat Feb 17 18:53:19 CST 2001

|I'd like to know if anyone knows how to prevent the pop-up box from
|appearing when a vistor mouseovers an image with an ALT tag.  I'm all for
|accessibilty, but I've never understood the need for the pop-up box.  It's
|obviously not for the blind.

It is possible but it _will not_ validate... [Error: duplicate specification of attribute "ALT"]

In your img tag, sequence your alt attributes as follows

alt="" alt="some alt text for text readers" - (see http://www.studiowerks.com/test_alt_text.htm)

Browsers will not show balloon help, but the alt text is available for text readers _if_ they
read far enough.

This is naughty - but it works in the current and past crop of browsers.

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