commenting code (was Re: [thelist] Tip)

Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at
Sun Feb 18 02:46:49 CST 2001

Sorry I'm a late runner for this one... I just woke up from the 36 hour
grand daddy of all sleeps and I'm catching up on my digests, as well as less
important things like fluid intake, food, bathing, and nicotine.

I like comments, I like to read them, I like the way Evolt uses them, and I
like to use them to give credit where credit is due:

<!-- thanks to jeff howden (jeff at>
<!-- for very kindly fixing the pop-up window...cheers -->


It's nice to credit evolters and others who have contributed to your site.
Code comments are one place to do this.

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