[thelist] Applets Exploding in Netscape 6

sfmalo sfmalo at msn.com
Sun Feb 18 07:54:19 CST 2001

I've just spent part of the night trying to fix applets on my site and a
client's site from flickering the screen in Netscape 6. I changed the code
to the <object> tag and recoded to meet the W3C specs re replacing the
deprecated <applet> with <object> attributes. Well, after testing in
Netscape 6, the applets (now objects) don't display, not one pixels worth.
So I changed them back to <applet> tagging and rechanged the code back to
what it was...and deleted one entirely because it was simply showing code
instructions in an empty box!! Really tacky. Now, these have worked
perfectly well in I.E.5.x and Netscape 4.x for some time. So, I'm stumped.
Do we just wait until Netscape 6 comes out with more fixes while driving
clients (and myself) crazy watching a twitching and flickering monitor
screen? It was suggested that I find a javascript to do the same thing.
Perhaps that's the only way to go. What do you think?

If interested load up your Netscape 6 browser and go to
http://www.datablocks.com and
http://www.24caratdesign.com/html/solutions.html and the home page
http://www.24caratdesign.com which has a news ticker tape applet making the
screen jump around. I checked with www.7am.com and I have their latest fix
(ahem). Didn't change a thing.
Sharon F. Malone
"web page design and Internet writing services"

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