[thelist] 3D browser

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Sun Feb 18 08:45:49 CST 2001


Just tried it out.
It obviously uses IE for page rendering.
There are controls to make the cube the pages are drawn on rotate.
There is a zoom control button.
The final rendering is not as smooth as it would in original IE (we can
really feel it is _mapped_ on the cube).

It runs quite smoothly on my computer (Duron 700 384Mb GeForce2Mx) But yet
if it was slow could we do ? :)

Franckly it is fun, but I don't see a clear use except for showing off :)

Now I'll boot back to Linux and get the damn Tomcat Servlet thingy working.
BTW, anyone has good resources except from the homepage about Tomcat ?
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> I posted ages ago about a 3D browser I had seen in a magazine that might
> interesting, well it's now available to download for beta testing if
> wants to have a go. To have a look at what frankly looks like a complete
> head f*ck to work with, check out http://www.2ce.com/consumer_box.html .
> you want to test it you must be running W2000 and have a 3D graphics card,
> neither of which I possess so I would be interested to know the results if
> anyone here tries it out.
> Kev
> kjs at ratking.co.uk
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