[thelist] Time to Ruin Your Day (or What You're Up Against)

Ben Dyer ben at imaginuity.com
Sun Feb 18 16:57:50 CST 2001

Here you go: a topic of discussion:

24,267,032,019,256,783,344 (if you're not sure, that's 24 quintillion)

This is effectively the number of platform/browser/version/monitor
resolution/bit depth/Plug-in/Setting/Language/Connection Speed/Chaos Theory
possibilities that I could come up with mathematically.

That's the bad news.  The worse news is that the number is probably higher
because I didn't take into account many, many other things.

OK, now the good news.  Obviously, this number is really for shock value
more than anything.

- Netscape Navigator 4.03 is pretty much the same as Navigator 4.04.
- Your page will more than likely render pretty much the same in a French
browser vs. an English browser.
- Not many people have many of the things I included (Sega Dreamcast, iPaq
Tablet, 3Com Audrey, WebTV Emulator, etc.).

So, while this number is very high, you're still shooting for the same
relatively low number of combinations.  (i.e. 99% of everybody falls into
probably .000001% of these possibilities - most of these possibilities are
probably even theoretical with no real users in that particular

So, there you are, for me: an afternoon wasted, for you: something to think

By the way, if anybody is really, really bored and wants to make sure I'm
correct, see what I've done, add to it, run with it, whatever, e-mail me
off-list and I'll send you a text document.

Whew.  I need to get out more.

And now, a tip:

As web designers, we can usually spot an internet fad a mile away.  But your
boss (or client) usually can't.  To prepare for their eventual bandwagoning,
spend some time reading the "new economy" (God, I hate that term)
magazines/e-zines that they are reading: Fast Company, Business 2.0, Red
Herring, that sort of thing.

This will help you formulate an answer when they ask why you're company
isn't into the burdgeoning P2P ASP market (because you'll know what they've

Ben Dyer
Senior Internet Developer
Imaginuity Interactive

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