[thelist] User file download with Cold Fusion

Aaron Johnson evolt at cephas.net
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Hi Chris,

You can do this a couple ways.... here's the way I think you should:

1) Create a .cfm page that you'll point all your MP3 links to and pass an
url variable to this page that designates which MP3 the user wants to
download (ie: /download.cfm?mp3=moby_track3)

2) On your download.cfm page, look up the variable "mp3" in your access
database, and find out what the name of the file is and where the file is

3) Serve up the file using the <cfheader> and <cfcontent> header...
<cfheader> will tell the browser which type of file you're sending to it,
and <cfcontent> will allow you to send the MP3.


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Hi all,

Hopefully this will be an easy question for someone to answer.  I want to
have a link to an MP3 as well as increment a counter with the one link.
I've set up the a field in the database for a coutner for that particular

Can anyone shed some light on how to do this - i'm probably just missing
something really obvious solution because I've been working too many hours
lately ;p
I'm using Cold Fusion 4.0 by the way for this project with an Access
database if that matters.

Thanks in advance,


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