[thelist] crit request

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Sun Feb 18 20:19:35 CST 2001

>hello everyone. I put together a website's front page (only) and am
>wondering how it looks: compositionally, color-wise, and if it
>communicates what I want it to. The organization provides computing
>services and support, so I'm trying to show--from an organizational
>perspective--how they connect people with abstract computing ideas. As
>always I appreciate your frank criticism.


Could you increase the size of the address css class type? It's 
almost illegible (and breaking up into pixels) on Mac IE 5 (96dpi 
type rendering), and is a mess of black and white squiggles on Mac NS 
4.7 (72dpi).

You might want to put alt tags in for text only browsers too.

Andrew Forsberg

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