[thelist] css - can you put comments in there?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon May 14 08:07:20 CDT 2001

thanks elfur, simon -- i guess i should've found the reference myself,
seeing as how the w3c is actually a link on my browser toolbar

> Traditionally, UAs have silently ignored unknown tags. As a result,
> old UAs will ignore the 'STYLE' element, but its content will be treated
> as part of the document body, and rendered as such.

yikes, shurely they meant to say "as part of the document HEAD"

don't mix css with table percentage widths --
all your liquid table hacks are belong to the garbage

    #contentdiv { margin: 9px auto
                 padding: 0px 37px 0px 37px ; }

   <table width="100%">
   <tr><td width="98%">

some browsers will calculate the width of the table based on the window,
and disregard the div that the table is in


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