[thelist] Jeana

Jeana Clark jmclark at multiservice.com
Mon May 14 08:11:30 CDT 2001

I don't want to drag this out... But.. hmm. in case it is needed (and I
don't think it is..) I do apologize.  I checked in on the list over the
weekend via the archives on the website, and I did notice my XML to HTML
post did do some funky stuff on the web... it took some of the attributes I
posted in the email, and applied them to that one post on the web. (which i
found odd).   But.. so goes the life of an html geek fighting w/browsers and
email clients, and well, ie products..

Thanks for the xml help tho Ray.

Happy Monday

> To: thelist at lists.evolt.org
> Subject: Re: [thelist] Jeana
> 2. if it's the message i think you're talking about ([thelist]
> XML to HTML, 11
> May 2001), it wasn't HTML-formatted... it *did* have loads of HTML within
> the message, and all i can surmise is that your mail client chose
> to render
> it instead of display it...
> i can say this with some degree of confidence because...
> a. the content header shows it was plaintext (Content-Type:
> text/plain;)...
> b. thelist software doesn't allow HTML-formatted mail through to
> the list...
> c. it doesn't render as anything but plain text in my mail client...
> i'm posting this to thelist so that everyone knows that we have a
> process in
> place to both filter HTML/RTF email, and to address any concerns people
> have with wonky mail...
> if your mail client allows it, make sure it always renders list
> mail as plain
> text, instead of trying to format any HTML snippets it finds...

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