[thelist] Netscape 6.01 thing to watch out

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Mon May 14 15:12:11 CDT 2001

 >If you have a form that contains a file upload field, ANY form field _after_
 >that field won't get passed unless you actually upload a file.

Hey Raymond, I'll give you the same response I just gave Hanzo through ICQ:

"<morbus> your friend should check the bugzilla database over at mozilla.
  <morbus> or test with .9 of mozilla. cos ns is based off mozilla. if they
  don't fix it in mozilla, it wont be fixed in ns."

I've got .9 on my machine here - if you give me a sample page, and your 
ICQ, we can test together.

Morbus Iff
.sig on other machine.

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