[thelist] OT: New list announcement

Joel Reymont joelr at well.com
Mon May 14 19:20:57 CDT 2001

Well, a lot of people have been burned over the past two years
in projects that have gone wrong because of non-technical issues.
I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna get clients onto the list
but the idea would be for them to learn how to communicate
and run projects for ultimate succcess.

Otherwise, this is a commercial undertaking with the ultimate goal
of helping people make money. Maybe people in search of good 
designers and developers will sign up and post projects.
Who knows but that's the idea.

I'm a backend development shop and work exclusively with designers.
If designers don't make money then I don't. This is my way of giving back.


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> Web designers *and their clients*?? I don't get it. How are 
> clients going to
> be on this list and why would they want to be?

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