[thelist] How to budget Flash animation

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon May 14 22:29:32 CDT 2001

>Could the experienced Flash developers on the list tell me what variables
>affect the cost of developing a sequence of Flash animation? Wondering what
>questions a developer will ask me when they are working up an estimate for
>the project, so I can prepare an intelligent RFP. Thanks.

There's a gazillion different things you can do with Flash, and I 
think most Flash developers have developed a style of their own that 
they can work in easiest ... so maybe if keeping costs down is your 
objective, you should find a developer who's work you like and 
telling them "here's the text and a a few images that need to appear 
in it - go for it!"

Second to that would be being flexible about details ... ie, let the 
developer know that if they see something similar to what you're 
asking for that is easier to do to just go for that.

Otherwise, a storyboard, or screens of the movie which are 
significantly different really helps. If you can provide the 
storyboard as some sort of vector format (ai, freehand, generic EPS), 
it makes it even easier.

Also, it's a lot easier to do some things if the site can require 
Flash 5 and sometimes making a movie that can easily be edited is 
more difficult.

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