[thelist] OT: New list announcement

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Tue May 15 03:37:28 CDT 2001

Get a client actually intelligent or interested enough to learn how to
subscribe to a mailing list? Let alone use their email program...

Good luck ;-)

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> Well, a lot of people have been burned over the past two years
> in projects that have gone wrong because of non-technical issues.
> I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna get clients onto the list
> but the idea would be for them to learn how to communicate
> and run projects for ultimate succcess.
> Otherwise, this is a commercial undertaking with the ultimate goal
> of helping people make money. Maybe people in search of good
> designers and developers will sign up and post projects.
> Who knows but that's the idea.
> I'm a backend development shop and work exclusively with designers.
> If designers don't make money then I don't. This is my way of giving back.
> Joel
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> > Web designers *and their clients*?? I don't get it. How are
> > clients going to
> > be on this list and why would they want to be?
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