[thelist] IE6 Problems -off topic-

Ron Klegman rklegman at mediaone.net
Tue May 15 04:15:28 CDT 2001

Some time ago I had written a message about problems I was having
with IE6 and Outlook.. I never got a response from anyone.. after
sometime I finally found what I was looking for and another source..
I'm just writing to let anyone know that if you are having problems
reading email with outlook and you run or ran IE6 .. write me and
I'll give you a hand.. for some reason people who have this problem
have no problem reading messages from other that run outlook. it's a
conversion issue and can be resolved! I've restored my ability
to read all email once again.

If you need help during the day 6:30am til 3:30pm I can be reached at
rklegman at yahoo.com

Tip: NEVER Try a beta without backup first!
Tip: Anytime you design a web site.. always make sure the place you use
isn't going to tear it down without warning!

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