[thelist] table widths (was: css - can you put comments in there?)

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Tue May 15 10:40:09 CDT 2001

> > "available horizontal space" *could* - some would say should :-)  be 
>reasonably the width of the parent (immediate enclosing) block element - 
><body>, <div>, <td>, whatever ...
>I would agree that "available horizontal space" SHOULD be the width of the 
>immediately enclosing block element.
>However, that's not what the HTML specification says.  The horizontal space 
>available to the table is the distance between the margins.

All browsers, though, interpret a width=100%  as meaning the total width of 
the containing block. The only exception to this rule I found was when I 
defined a width: 100% for a nested DIV and IE4 Mac thought I wanted it to be 
as wide as the page.

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