[thelist] flash code for buttons triggering simultaneous movie clips

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Tue May 15 12:37:30 CDT 2001

If I understand your question, you want six buttons each of which 
will tell a specific MC to play, while telling whichever one is 
currently playing to gotoAndPlay a specific frame ...

In Flash 4 syntax, you could say something like:

on (press) {
   tellTarget(/:playing_clip) {
   tellTarget(my_clip) {
   /:playing_clip = my_clip;

and either place each button in a MC and set my_clip from the parent 
timeline, or hard-code it in to each button like tellTarget('/clip1')

Make sense?

>This action will play the last 15 frames  of one movie
>clip while simultaneously starting another movie clip.  The major issue is
>that there will be 6 movie clips and each button needs to be able to tell
>which movie is currently playing (so that the action will play the last 15
>Any advice? Any code? Please help!

- Erik Mattheis

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