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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue May 15 13:01:45 CDT 2001


Nice work ... WOW!  This will be a great resource to have on thesite.  Thank
you for taking on this project.  It's great to see others helping out to
make evolt even better.

A few comments:

(1)  I'd prefer it not to be called web design resource list.  No need for
the word "Design" in there.  A comprehensive web resource list is more
(2)  If this is added to thesite (officially), links to any evolt areas
should either be deleted or listed first.
(3)  Do we have any other stylesheets available?  I'd prefer not to use a
colour scheme already in use.
(4)  The evolt scheme is especially difficult to read, line by line.  Each
link needs some padding.  The modern version could use some padding as well,
though it is easier to read.  How about making the links bulleted, then the
style sheet can be modified to increase the padding a little.

As for additional links, here's my own personal list, which I try to update
when I have time.


And for stock photography, there's a good article on thesite:


Additional resources within the comments too.

Nice work Simon, thanks again.  Holler if you need any help.


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