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Mike Roberto mjr at linkzero.com
Tue May 15 13:34:40 CDT 2001

We're currently hosting our site, as well as our clients with Media 3.
(www.media3.com)  We've had intermittent problems with servers being
overloaded, not returning responses, etc..  And they're response to this
has been to suggest we move from simple business hosting to 200/month
dedicated machine.  This may be an option for our site, but its definitely
not an option for most of our clients.

Does anyone have any good hosting companies out there that offer Cold
Fusion, Access, SQL Server, etc.. for reasonable prices, preferably with
reseller account availability?

While we're looking for an shared hosting solution, we also have the option
to move to dedicated hosting or co-location.  What are the general opinions,
problems, bonuses of people's experiences with these options.  We're willing
to make the investment if it will pay off in the long run for ourselves as
well as our clients.  Moving to co-location will obviously have higher cost
implications(Server cost, software costs(ColdFusion, SQL, etc)).

thanks for the input,

Michael Roberto
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